Troy’s Amazing Universe

Sharon Tosten weaves a delightful of a young man with developmental disabilities and the unique way in which he copes with the people, situations and surroundings he encounters.

Troy, the seven-year-old main character of the story is a wonderful character who brings depth and humour to the story. What makes this book interesting is that Troy is based on the authors own son. In the book, Troy is accidentally kidnapped when some thugs steal his fathers van. After the van is abandoned Troy finds his way into the mall. He roams about the mall, meeting people and hiding from the thugs who hope to collect the reward offered to whomever returns.

Troys unique abilities come into play heavily throughout the story as does his new friendship with a mall employee named Abe, who is also differently abled.

This is a delightful and humorous book. Full of adventure that is a excellent for adult and child alike. A definite must have for the library and a thoroughly enjoyable tale. There has already been a screenplay about Troys adventures and Ms. Tosten is currently working on with an animator from Nickelodeons Little Bill show on an animated series based on Troys adventures.

Troys Amazing Universe: M for Mall is a excellent book all the family will treasure and enjoy. An easy read, it will not take to finish, but it will stay with you forever.

About The Author

S. Kennedy Tosten resides in the Philadelphia area and is currently working on the the next book in the Troy series.

The author and her husband, Dennis Tosten, head AmeriKick Karate Studios ( and Brain Builders activity centers, the leaders in helping all children reach their fullest potential.

Contact the Author

Name: S. Kennedy Tosten